XMAS Special Top Up!

Dec 24, 2021

Top Up today all day and get free extra 20% Bonus credit.

Let’s fund some nice items together right before the end of this year. We do our part and help you with this very special 20% free bonus, so maybe your next successfully social shopped item will be absolutely free, and you can even spend the bonus top up credit as regular discount in the Store side.

You get:

For $10 get $12

For $20 get $24

For $50 get $60

For $100 get $120 (not bad)

For $200 get $240 (HOT!)

For $500 get $600 (OMG)

For $1000 get $1200! (…Insane, free $200!)

Let us wish you a lovely and Happy Xmas and successful social shoppings!

ALLYOS – SocialStore
Together, anything for a dollar.