Winners of the Week #51

Dec 27, 2021

Every week we share details of some of the successful social shoppings, so you can see the exciting potential of the community power. Social Store users have been very active again, funded many premium items, and all of them are on their way to the lucky selected participants:

Roborock E4
Lucky Shopper: P. Judit
Social Price: $359
Added: 17

Lucky Shopper: M. Albert
Social Price: $69
Added: 4

Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker2
Lucky Shopper: B. Gergely
Social Price: $25
Added: 2

Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker2
Lucky Shopper: T. István
Social Price: $25
Added: 1

Congrats to all the lucky social shoppers! And as always, thank you all for the participation, keep on in-ing so you can be next, and don’t forget you never lose as you can spend your collected discount on the Store.

Don’t forget to share a picture or video with the world, with us and with your friends once your item arrives using the #Allyos #GotitFromAllyos #SocialStore everywhere you can while you are excited!

Thanks a lot!

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