Who gets a new Tesla for Xmas?

Dec 24, 2020

Get or Give even a new Tesla Model S P100D for this Christmas.

How? It is easy in the Social Store in 2020. You know, sharing is caring.

The Social Store is the only place in the world where $1 dollar can bring you even a brand new Tesla P100D, as we pitch its price together as a crowd funding. The random lucky one gets it, everyone else gets the money back as discount, so you never lose.

As “social distancing” does not make any sense in the Social Store, invite your friends and familiy members Now and you both get $1 as free gift to gather for the Tesla or for a Playstation 5, or whatever your heart desires the most. It is all available from $1. That is the power of crowd funding. And the risk free social shopping in the Social Store.

TIME Sensitive opportunity!

Go to your Profile in the Allyos app and send out as many Invitations as you can to your best friends and relatives during this 2020 Christmas starting from 24.12.2020. 13PM (UTC+1) until 26.12.2020. 23:59 PM (UTC +1).

It is free and unlimited now, so go on. Once your invited members accepted it and registered to the Allyos – Social Store as new member, both you and she/he will get $1 as FREE Xmas gift from us as an appreciation of being part of our growing community and helping to make the Tesla available for as low as $1. Invite 100 friends and you get $100, and they each will get $1, there is no limit.

NOTE! Please allow at least 24 hours for this special extra $1 invitation Xmas money to arrive to your personal wallet! We will be working on this hard enough to make it as fast as possible.

No Tesla? No worries!

Buy the cheapest Lidl Gift Voucher Card on Earth. If you are not the lucky one with your Free $1 Xmas bonus, use it to buy your cheapest Lidl or Emag Gift Card of your lifetime in the Store side! Check it for details.

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We would like to wish you all a very Happy Holidays and Merry Xmas!

Allyos – Social Store

Together, we are richer.