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A little mistake you are making costing you thousands right now

What you’ve been doing until now is very odd and obsolete. Why? Simply because it requires you to come up with full funds and you don’t get much benefits or leverage, not to mention there is no fun at all. In fact, your current budget always limits your feature needs.

What you’ll do tomorrow

Are you ever insecure in a shop? Forget it! Allyos provides a solution based on the well known tombola idea that we called CrowdShopping. Allyos simply offers top brands and products that many people love and want, sets the fair price that needs to be collected, sets the timeframe it is on offer, and collects all the interested buyers with at least 1 dollar in hand. That 1 dollar is your ticket, your chance to your dreams.

How Allyos improved many lives in 1 hour

Worst case? You get your money back in discounts. How about that for a lifestyle. You can opt-in on everyday and luxury items, including cars, jewellery, electronics, beauty, travel, services, gift cards, homes, you name it! The amount you opt-in with is the amount you pay if you are drawn.

24 Hours. The Greatest Balancer.

Time is money they used to say. Take it a step further, Allyos provides equal opportunity for every shopper to get in on a deal by blocking users from adding more money for an hour on the same item. This is our Time Limit System, based on the million year fact that everyone has 24 hours a day. This prevents from overfunding, as you can add only $1 in every hour to the same item, or $24 per day. Making this clear, Allyos has its dedicated in-app wallet currency, the Indollar (IND), which is pegged to 1 USD when you top up your balance. Afterwards, it is pegged to time, 1 Indollar equals 1 Hour.

Here is an example

All you do is tap the IN button.

You fall in love with a car in the app.


You see its price, its current funded rate and the remaining time for all participants to fulfil the price. We call these the campaign details.

You tap the green “In” button and it adds immediately 1 dollar from your app wallet to the product which counts into it and you see all the changes on the screen instantly. You just bought your first tombola ticket in this campaign, you are in the game.

Here is an example

All you do is tap the IN button.

You will notice one more thing right away, by adding $1 to any products you are blocked out from that very same item for 1 hour. Just like anyone else participating in the same item and added $1.

You can, of course, get in to any other product in the list you like but with this particular car in the example you need to wait 60 minutes. Note, keep an eye on the campaign expiration, as every item is on offer for a certain limited time until it gets raffled.

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