Update is Ready!

Dec 7, 2021

The latest version of the SocialStore is ready to download.

Update now, so you don’t miss the latest features, improvements and benefits.

The biggest benefit of course is that the SocialStore is a different store.

Shopping in the Store side doesn’t just come with the regular discount. The brands and seller partners offer their items for great price with discount has an extra function. This function comes for free, and it is called Multifunction-Discount.

You can freely use this discount amount as credit to participate in the crowd funding based social shoppings in the Social side.

Buy your everyday needs and grocery in the Store side and jump into the fancy items with your friends to crowd fund your luxury items like a Tesla.

Only the winner pays the pitched amount. All the other participants can use the freely received Multi-Discount as regular discount.

If you spend anyway, spend with the highest benefits excitingly with your friends. Who cares inflation anymore.

That’s what different means.

Let’s grow in numbers and let’s grow with love.

Have a beautiful Holiday Season!

Allyos – SocialStore

Together, anything for a dollar.