Top3 SocialStore tips for Easter

Apr 13, 2022

Easter is coming! It is time to paint some eggs and to have some much needed free time with your family and loved ones. We are sure that you already have some plans for the weekend. Allow us to give you some ideas about which items you should get from the SocialStore if you want to make your holiday experience even better!

  • 2 Nights @ Zala Springs

Yeah, we know holidays are about relaxing and enjoying the time with your loved ones but who are we kidding here? It can be really exhausting sometimes. Visiting all the relatives, having guests, spending hours in the kitchen to create the perfect Easter menu might be a little bit overwhelming. So, can you imagine a better solution than spending a weekend in a luxury accommodation far from all that? That’s exactly what Zala Springs offer with its Penthouse Premier suites with free minibar consumption, spacious living space and a 40m² terrace, where you can enjoy the sunset in the company of a fine glass of wine. You will also get access to a buffet breakfast every morning, a half board diner at Zala Springs Bistro and a Special Boutique Spa wellness experience among other things. If you are lucky, you can get this experience from SocialStore for any price you prefer.

  • Electrolux Induction Hob

Speaking of cooking at home, you might consider upping your game in the kitchen for the holidays. The best thing about this hob is that it does the hard work for you, but it also allows you to construct delicious and restaurant quality meals. With its induction technology the heat is delivered quickly and to precisely the right spot, meaning the surrounding areas remain cool and safe. It also reacts instantly to temperature changes. The Hob2Hood® function also wirelessly connects your hob to your hood, meaning that the hood will automatically adjust the settings, providing the best extraction  based on the power selected on the hob. You want to impress your guest with a sensational menu but also want to spend more time with them? Then this is the item for you. You can get it from SocialStore right now for $1 even!

  • Cinema City GiftCard

Going to the movies with someone is one of the best programmes you can have. Throughout the weekend there are plenty of exciting shows you can catch at the Cinema City theatres. Are you planning a date? Watch the hilarious romantic comedy, The Lost City with Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum! You need more action? Check out Michael Bay’s Ambulance! Are you a Potterhead? Secrets of Dumbledore is coming for you! You want to go with the whole family? You’re gonna have tremendous fun with Sonic, the Hedgehog 2. Buy Cinema City GiftCard. It contains two tickets for any movie you prefer. It is now available in the Store for $13. You will also get a $1 multi-discount that you can use to be part of any running social purchases. Maybe you will get one of the two items mentioned above for the price of your Cinema City GiftCard.

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