Top items for August

Aug 4, 2022

It is the last month of the Summer. If you would like to make the best out of the good weather and the summer break, don’t hesitate. Start planning! You want to have a nice adventure, lay on the beach or maybe show off your surfing skills? Take a look at some of these items on the Social side, and start pushing the In button! As you know, you can decide on the price here, and you cannot lose anything.

JBL Party Box 100

What can be better than laying on the beach with friends, drinking some cold drink and juts enjoying the view? Well, what about some music in the background? With JBL Party Box 100, you can bring the party with you. Let the music choose the mood. Mix it up! Pop in a playlist from your USB stick or stream from a Bluetooth-compatible device. Go all day with up to 12 hours of battery life.

Jetboard Ewave V2 6000

Are you into surfing? Or would you like to try it? If yes, this is your chance. The EWave V2 6000 electric surfboard features a powerful 10K Watt zero emission electric motor, carbon fiber construction and adjustable control cables making  for an extremely fast, nimble and precise ride while still being friendly to newcomers in the sport.

Piaggio Medley 125 S E5

If these options are not for you, what about having a nice ride around the town? Piaggio Medley 125 S E5 is not just nippy and agile but also technologically savvy. The sporty looking scooter has a host of features at your fingerprints with a new full LED headlight  and an advanced  LCD instrument cluster  providing that perfect mix of functionality and style.

All these items are available in the SocialStore! Start ining and get any of them for the money you prefer!

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