Top 3 Giftcard ideas

Aug 26, 2022

There are many great premium items in SocialStore. However, if you want to surprise someone with a gift, and you don’t know what exactly that person would be happy with, why not let them choose? Pick one of the many great giftcards on the Social side. Here are some ideas which one you should consider.

MediaMarkt GiftCard

MedmiaMarkt is one of the biggest costumer electronics stores in Europe. If you need a new television, refrigerator, PS console or toaster, you will probably start searching here. Why not buy a giftcard then, which allows you to purchase any item available in the MediaMarkt stores up to $160? You will find products from all the important brands including Sony, Samsung, LG, Huawei and more.

InterSport GiftCard

With InterSport GiftCard, you can choose any clothing item or gadget available in InterSport stores up to $160. If you are planning to go for some jogging in the park, playing football with your friends or doing some more extreme sports like hill-climbing, you can definitely use this card to get good-quality gear and equipment.

IKEA GiftCard

Do you want to decorate your house, get some new furniture or make your home life more comfortable? Well then, you will probably go to IKEA first. With this giftcard you can pick anything you want from the stores up to $160 from lamps to desks to complete furniture sets. Your apartment is not just a place where you spend most of your time, but a special area, you can call home. Make the best out of it!

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