This Week: Police To Be Rebel

Dec 22, 2020

You know the rule in the Social Store, don’t worry if you don’t win! Indollar is always pre-paid fully spendable discount if the Social Shopping was 100% funded on an item and you are not the lucky one selected. Check your Discount balance on the Store side and spend it as extra discount.

Check out the new Police To Be Rebel special price with 75% Off for $40 and use your discount balance in order to get the Best Price of $10.

Before you buy anything fancy for low price on the Store side always check if you can get it from the Social side. Only if it worth the minimum bid of $1 to you.

Hurry up, this special price is only offered for this week and ends on 27.12.2020. at 23:59 or until stock lasts.

Good luck Social Shoppers!

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