This is why you should turn on Push messages

May 13, 2022

Push is a built in notification system in the app. The purpose of it is to inform the users directly about their wins, almost finished social purchases, extra opportunities to earn some reward and other special features.

Every time, when a lucky social shopper is selected to take an item home, they will get a Push message and an email. After that, they have 24 hours to accept the offer. Sadly, whenever the selected person forgets to check his/her mail box for a day, they might miss the chance to get the item. We’ve seen some examples for that. Therefore, it is very important to turn on the notifications in the app. In that case, you will get a direct message from us about your win.

Whenever 80% of the price of a Social items is covered, you will also get a notification. It almost guarantees that the product is going to find a new owner very soon. So it is time for you to push the In button too, if you haven’t done it already. Don’t let it slip through your fingers!

Occasionally users have a chance to add free indollars to their wallets as a reward. All they have to do is to fill our surveys and quizzes, usually advertised in the app News Menu. With the Push messages, you won’t miss any of these occasions. You can also get up to date with the newest Social and Store items and special campaigns as well.

If you are not sure that the Push is turned on for you, check out the Settings section in the app. Make sure, it’s always ON!

Are you in?

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