This is how you can top up

Jul 8, 2022

In SocialStore you can purchase items on both the Social and the Store side. Thanks to the multi-discount you can also use your returned bids or extra discounts for purchase, but to do so, you need to top up your wallet first.

Go to the Wallet section in the app menu where you can see both your wallet balance and your collected discounts. Tap on the green + icon on the right if you want to add more money to your wallet. You can chose from seven options: 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 USD top up.

Select one option and tap the Buy Now! button. You can pay with simple account or in the application. Enter all the necessary payment information below and then tap the Pay button. Don’t forget to register you simple account. If you do so, next time, you can make payments with a password, without entering your card or bank account data.

If you’re done, you can see the added money in your Wallet. Don’t waste any more time, go to the Social side and start ining. Remember, you cannot lose any money here. If you are not the lucky one selected, you get your bid back on the Store side.

Are you in?

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