This is how you can follow your order

Jun 23, 2022

If you use Allyos frequently, you might now that this is not a webstore. We do not sell products directly. We only offer the chance for purchasing an item for the money users are willing to spend on it. The products are delivered by our partner companies. Therefore we wanted to make it easy for our users to track their orders in the app.

If you’ve purchased something and you would like to know, where is it at the moment, you should go to the My items section. Here you can check what is the current status of your order. You can see the exact dates as well with the different stages. These are the following:

  • Order has been accepted.Your order needs to be accepted by our partner company. It won’t happen immediately after the purchase but it will happen soon after.
  • Partner is preparing you item. It means our partner started to process your order.
  • Item is dispatched.Now the item is on the way.
  • Item arrived & accepted.It means, the delivery was succesful. 
  • Share a picture.If you would like to share your purchase with you friends and other Allyos users, please post a picture on you social media sites and in the Allyos – SocialStore closed group.
  • Rate your experience.Your feedbacks are very important to us. If you have any remarks, please share it with us so we can provide the best possible experience to our users.

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