This is how SocialStore was born

Jul 29, 2022

SocialStore, just like many other ventures started with a simple idea. Six years ago, one of the founders wanted to sell his old iPhone as fast as possible. He thought he’s gonna offer a chance for his friends on social media to buy the item: anyone can join in with $1. When the price if full, one person will be chosen to get the phone randomly.

The proposal was so successful, the founders immediately started to think about how they could turn it into a business. And so, the idea of SocialStore was born. The concept changes and evolved a lot over the years. For instance, a Store side was added so no one could lose any money on the app. If someone doesn’t get chosen on the Social side, they get their bids back, which they can spend here on low price items.

It became clear soon that in terms of products, there are no real limits here. If there is enough people who are interested in a certain item, then there is no such thing as too expansive product. So, why stop with an Apple iPhone? A brand new BMW or a luxury holiday on the Bahamas is just as reachable.

Are you in?

ALLYOS – SocialStore