The New way of shopping.

Feb 8, 2021

Simply put: Let Apple buy you a Tesla.

This is the benefit that this all new Social Store app brings you with the 3.0 version. A truly innovative new way of shopping.

You speak, we listen. All your feedbacks are built in and some new recommendations after the very successful 3.0 Public Beta test will be rolling out soon.

Official 3.0 app release date:

10.02.2021. Wednesday

13:00 (CET)


This is a critical update as it contains essential and core platform modifications. This means that you Must update your 2.1 or any previous version as they won’t work without issues from now on.

Some of the changes:

  • Card payment is available in the Store side
  • Balanced money flow between the Store and the Social side
  • Credit Indollar from Store purchase as new feature
  • New platform partners with new items
  • Reasonable prices and awesome deals in the Store side
  • Updated screens and user interface
  • Better user experience
  • New tutorial and registration process

If your device will not notify you about this essential update before the above mentioned official release time, please go to your platform app store iOS/Android and make the update manually.

Go on Social Shoppers and happy social shopping!

Together, anything for a dollar.

Allyos – SocialStore