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All You need to know.

Crowdfunding of products. We fund the items together with money back guarantee.

Similar to a raffle or tombola without any downside or losing.

No bidding, everyone can add only $1 per hour to the target price.

Time is the only one thing every people has the same amount of. By implementing the time limit we have levelled the playing field.

Once the target price is collected from the $1 units a random raffle takes place and one participant gets the right to buy the item for the amount he/she pitched in.

There are only 3 outcomes:

1. Unsuccessful Round.

If the target price is not collected in 100% and time is up, this round deemed unsuccessful. Meaning there was not enough interest and participants. Everyone gets their money back of course, system automatically restarts the funding round for this item from 0% until stock lasts. You can try it again.

2. Successful Round, Yours!

If the price is collected fully in time, a random algorythm selects 1 participant who gets the item for the amount he/she added to the funding. Basically wins the item. All items come with free shipping or can be collected at the closest pick-up point.

3. Successful Round, Not Yours.

If the price of the item is 100% collected in time, but you are not the lucky one randomly selected this time, you lose nothing. Thanks to the 2 in 1 hybrid store the full amount you pitched in is automatically transfered to the Marketplace side and becomes spendable discount. In every round you don’t win you get your money back on the Marketplace side and can be used for shopping.

If You don’t want to check the app in every hour.

Not fancy checking the products in every hour and add 1 more dollar to your desired items? We can understand you. So, here is the handy solution. Use the Auto In feature by tapping on the picture of the product in order to get the Product Details page and tap the Auto In button at the bottom of this page. A pop-up window will open and you can set the amount you are willing to pay for this item. Set the maximum amount you want to pay and the system automatically adds the $1 in every hour. Your chances are matematically increasing to win the item while your risk is always zero.

Also here by tapping on the small heart icon at the bottom left side you select this product as your favourite and can follow it in the My Watchlist menu.

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©2016-2020 All Rights Reserved. Allyos™ Allyos International & Allyos Europe Ltd