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How to install

Please select your desired platform for testing.

I have an iPhone

If you are using an iPhone you need to install Apple’s TestFlight App. This is the normal way to do beta test and the only way permited by Apple inc.

From 2018 october Apple Inc. has simplified on Beta test process. From now on you only need to click on the following link and follow the steps on the page.

Please don’t forget that after the Beta App install you need to create your Allyos profile. You can make your profile below in this page or using the App.


I have an Android Phone

If you are using an Android phone the only thing you need is to download the Beta App


Latest App version: 1.0.40

Please note that you are not downloading from Play Store so you need to allow Unknown Source in your settings.



The last step is to create your Allyos Profile.

If you already have installed the Beta App, you can register in the App.

If the App is not installed you can create your profile by clicking the following button.


Within 1 to 3 hours after your registration, you will receive a $50 topup so you can start testing.

Please remember, this is a Public Beta Test which means if you are the one who won an item or service the product itself wont be shipped to your address. The purpose of Public testing is Test the system only.


Look for updates

Follow the Allyos Facebook page and get notified about updates regarding the Beta Test.

If you have questions drop us a few lines at Our customer service will gladly help you find a solution for your issue.

Send your Feedback!

Your opinion is important to us. Please send your feedback about the Allyos App. You can find the feedback in the Help Center by tapping the Allyos logo in the menu.