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Finally the global solution, the real win-win-win situation your company has been looking for.

If you are a premium brand, a distributor, a manufacturer, or maybe a well known company who wants to boost sales and brand recognition to extreme levels, well, look no further, as Allyos has created the perfect, most ideal and effortless sales channel between you and your buyers globally. Easy. You provide quantity and quality, our users vote or we should say fund your items, we buy them from you and pay you upfront, and we don’t seek for huge cuts from your profits.

In fact, we ask you for not the lowest price, but an ideal price.

Sounds interesting, right? This is the innovation of Allyos and its crowd shopping media, finally creating win-win-win situations in selling and buying integrated with charity. In fact, we will be your best buyers. Your products and items can be almost anything, only a few exceptions. You are good with cars, electronics, fashion items, sport and fitness items, jewellery, health and beauty products, toys and games, home and garden items, even travel and voucher packages, event and concert tickets.

Allyos is the world’s first crowd shopping media with charity.

1% of every sales go to the users selected and voted foundation. That’s correct! It can be your local charity, global charity, working for homeless, animals, environment, children, diseases, education, research, you name it. Every single item that we buy from you adds to this charity basket every week, adding you priceless value and moral effort without any extra hassle from your side. And your presence on social media and as online hype comes as extra. Deal? Welcome to Allyos.

If you wish to add your available products, items, supply line to our range and sign up your company, please drop us a few lines about your organization and we will get back to you.

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