New Store items arrived!

Sep 21, 2022

Brand new Store-items are available! Unlike on the Social side, here, you can purchase products on your own. How is it different from a usual webshop then? Well, on the one hand, you can use your returned bids from the Social side to get the items cheaper.

What if you don’t have any discount at the moment? Don’t worry! In that case, you will earn extra social credit after each item you purchase, which you can use as bid on the Social side. And here’s the best part: you get it from your favourite brands, who will now help you to get any premium item for free basically. Now let’s take a look at some of the new items!

TRISTAR Electric Grill

  • Store price: $49
  • Multi-discount: $5

Create great meals inside or outside the house for the whole family with the TRISTAR Electric Grill. You can purchase this item for $49 in the Store. If you don’t have any collected discounts or you don’t want to use them, you will earn $5 extra discounts, that can be used as bid on the Social side. Here you can buy not just a grill but an Electrolux Induction Hub or a Bosch built-in oven as well. Try your luck and let Tristar pay for your new kitchen set!

Bobbi Brown Holiday Highlights Deluxe Collection

  • Store price: $99
  • Multi-discount: $8

Hey, Ladies! Here’s a great offer for you. You will find the perfect items for your eyes, lips and face in this amazing set! It is available for $99 in the Store. However, if you have collected discounts from the Social side, you can use them up to $8 to get the whole set cheaper. That means you can take it home for $91 with no extra shipping cost.

Elemis Energising Cleanse & Toner

  • Store price: $79
  • Multi-discount: $9

Another great set. This one will take care of your skin, wherever you are. Purchase this item in the Store for $79 and you get $9 multi-discounts for social shopping. Would you like to get more premium cosmetics? Try your luck on the Social side and start bidding for the Notino – Allyos Bundle! It’s all on Elemis.

BlanX Black Mouthwash

  • Store price: $9
  • Multi-discount: $1

How much the perfect smile worth to you? You can purchase this item in the Store for $9 but you can get it for $8 if you have collected discounts from the Social side. And you don’t have to pay for anything else, because shipping is free!

Alpecin Hair Energizer Coffein Shampoo C1

  • Store price: $9
  • Multi-discount: $1

Do you like your hair? Make sure not to lose it! Purchase this item for $9 and earn $1 multi-discount! $1 is just enough for you to be part of a running social shopping. I mean look, the price of the MacBook Pro 14” is almost collected on the Social side. Put your bid in and be the one who takes it home.

Are you in?

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