New Store items arrived!

Sep 7, 2022

Brand new Store-items are available! Unlike on the Social side, here, you can purchase products on your own. How is it different from a usual webshop then? Well, on the one hand, you can use your returned bids from the Social side to get the items cheaper.

What if you don’t have any discount at the moment? Don’t worry! In that case, you will earn extra social credit after each item you purchase, which you can use as bid on the Social side. And here’s the best part: you get it from your favourite brands, who will now help you to get any premium item for free basically. Now let’s take a look at some of the new items!

Rouge Dior

  • Store price: $134
  • Multi-discount: $9

The perfect lipstick for any occasion. You can purchase it for $134 in the Store. If you don’t have any collected discounts or you don’t want to use them, you will earn $9 extra discounts, that can be used as bid on the Social side. Here you can buy not just a lipstick but a whole set of Swarovski jewels or a Calvin Klein handbag that matches the colour of your lipstick. Try your luck and let Dior pay for your newest fashion item!

Smilepen Whitening Kit

  • Store price: $99
  • Multi-discount: $9

Speaking of beautiful lipsticks, make sure to match it with a gorgeous smile. With the Smilepen Whitening Kit, you can do it. This item is available for $99 in the Store. However, if you have collected discounts from the Social side, you can use them up to $9 to get the kit cheaper. That means, you can take it home for $90 with no extra shipping cost.

Chanel N°5 50 ml

  • Store price: $129
  • Multi-discount: $10

Now you have everything you need to stand out of the crowd. Still not convinced that all eyes will turn towards you? Shake up your appearance with the enchanting fragrance of Chanel N°5. Purchase this item in the Store for $129 and then Chanel will give you $10 multi-discounts for social shopping. Wanna arrive at the party with a brand new Mercedes C 300 d Coupé? Try your luck on the Social side. It’s on Chanel!

Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker2

  • Store price: $16
  • Multi-discount: $2

It’s not a party without music. And with Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker2 you can take the music with you, wherever you go. You can purchase this item in the Store for $16 but you can get it for $14 if you have collected discounts from the Social side. And you don’t have to pay for anything else, because shipping is free!

Muziker GiftCard

  • Store price: $80
  • Multi-discount: $1

Maybe it’s a party, where you should arrive with a gift. If you don’t know what to bring, why not consider a nice giftcard? Purchase this one for example for $80 and earn $1 multi-discount! $1 is just enough for you to be part of a running social shopping. I mean look, the price of the Playstation 5 console is almost collected on the Social side. Put your bid in and be the one who takes it home. Now who gets the bigger gift? Your friend with the giftcard or you?

Are you in?

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