New items are coming

Aug 12, 2022

SocialStore in not only special because of its unique innovation that allows users to purchase any premium item together, meanwhile they can decide on the price on their own. It is also unique because of its extremely diverse product portfolio, provided by hundreds of top brands.

From smart phones to luxury clothing to cars, there are a lot of options for our users. Because of course it is not the product itself that you can purchase here. Instead, you get the right to buy the item for the price you prefer.

New products are constantly coming to SocialStore. However, a plethora of items are about to be added to our virtual shelf. Be prepared to check out both the Social and the Store side for the newest additions, and of course read the news section as well. Here, we are going to inform you about all of the hot new items and brands joining the platform.

If there is something you miss, go to the Help Center or contact us via e-mail and tell us about it. Every Allyos user has the power to determine what should be on both the Social and the Store side. Don’t hesitate to find your dream items and start pushing the In button. If you are not lucky, you get your money back as extra discount and of course you can try as many time without risk as you want.

Are you in?

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