New Item Arrived: Apple iPad Pro 12.9 128GB

May 3, 2022

New premium items are coming to the Social Store every week. The one we would like to bring to your attention is the Apple iPad Pro 12.9 128GB!

It is the fastest device of its king. With its M1 chip, it takes full advantage of next-level performance and custom technologies. Like the advanced image signal processor and unified memory architecture of M1. And with the incredible power efficiency of its chip, iPad Pro is still thin and light with all-day battery life. Making it as portable as it is powerful.

The 8 core CPU of M1 delivers up to 50 percent faster performance. And M1 has a 8 core CPU in a glass of its own, providing up to 40 percent faster graphics performance to iPad Pro. So you can build intricate AR models, play games with console-quality graphics at high frame rates, and more.

Social shoppers have 7 days to fund this item, minimum bid is $1, when the price is 100% collected one gets it for his/her bid.

You know the drill. You can’t lose on the Social side. If you are not the lucky one selected you get your bid back to the Store side and can spend it as extra discount on the same or on many other premium items for low prices.

Invite your friends and relatives, so the price will be collected faster! Also, check out the low buy now prices on the Store side.

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