New 100% discount item arrived!

Oct 11, 2022

As you might know by now, SocialStore is a platform where there are no losers, only winners. Why? Because if you are not the lucky one selected on the Social side, you get all the money back you’ve used as bid. Then you can spend it on the Store side where there is a huge variety of available items from a Persil pack to a Galaxy Tab.

There are a few special items, that can only be covered with collected discounts. These are the 100% discount items. The newest addition to this list is the LG OLED 65” Smart TV which is targeted for $1799. If you’re not sure how many collected discounts you have, check out the Wallet section in the app Menu.

Not enough to get this TV? No problem. Try your luck over and over again on the Social side, because even if you are not the one who gets the right to purchase the item, you will get one step closer to earn the LG OLED 65”. See? This is why you cannot lose here.

Now some information about the item. The LG OLED TV is a work of art. Self-emission pixels provide spectacular image quality as well as integration into your home. This TV is equipped with the latest technologies to give you an unprecedented experience. Everything you enjoy with a TV takes up a whole new dimension.

Are you in?

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