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The Marketplace

All You need to know.

This is one side of the 2 in 1 hybrid store. Identical to most classic discount online stores with one twist.

Where can I find it?

Once you downloaded, installed and started the app the social shopping side opens up. To reach the Marketplace side simply tap on the gold colour price tag on the top left corner. NOTE! Only users who topped up their personal app wallet (with any of the top up packages, thus become active users) and have participated unsuccessfully in the social shopping side at least with $1 can use and purchase anything in the Marketplace side with their collected discounts. 0 discount balance users cannot purchase items from the marketplace.

Collect your spendable discount.

Check out the currently available products, discount rate and best prices. The list starts with the best deal always.

  How can I buy one?

Once you find an item you wish to buy simply tap on it for the details.

 Placing your order.

Set the discount amount you wish to exchange on the item using the + and – buttons. Your final purchase price changes accordingly. Once you set all these and happy with the final purchase price tap on the green Proceed to Checkout button and arrive to the shipping details. Top of this new page is a purchase summary (cart details). Below you can select your shipping address or create a new one. When shipping details are correct tap on the green Send Order button to finalize and send your order. Great, you have placed your order! You will get an approval page and an e-mail payment details. NOTE! Only bank wire transfer is available for completing the marketplace purchases. You will find the bank and payment details in the e-mail sent to your registered e-mail account. As soon as payment arrives the ordered item is on its way to you. Congrats to your first marketplace purchase in the first Social Store!

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©2016-2020 All Rights Reserved. Allyos™ Allyos International & Allyos Europe Ltd