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What is Allyos?

Allyos is the Social Store. A new generation of e-commerce platform that mixes the classic online discount shop with an innovative crowd funding function in a form of a mobile app. A different store that makes you a Pro shopper.

What is Social Store?

Buy premium products for low prices with extra discount. Give this discount a chance to win in risk free crowd funding raffle. Social Store is consisting of two store sides. On one side is the "Social" side where we buy everything together. On the other side is the "Store" side where you can shop and spend all your discounts.

What is Social Shopping?

All items have a fix price. You don’t pay alone; we pitch in for the price together within a defined time period. Think of it as the crowd funding of products. Shoppers can add only $1 per item per hour.

3 outcomes can occur:

  1. Unsuccessful Round

    Time is up and the price of the product is not 100% collected. There were not enough interested buyers, so in this case, every participant gets their pitched discount back. The store automatically restarts the sale until stocks last. - You can try again this or any other product.

  2. Successful Shopping - You won

    The full price of the product is collected before the time is up and you're the lucky participant who has been selected. So you can buy the item for the amount you pitched in. The item is shipped to you free of charge.

  3. Successful Shopping - Not Yours

    The full price of the product is collected before the time is up, but you’re not the lucky one selected. You lose nothing. The amount you added to the purchase price of the item is fully credited back to your Store wallet as spendable discount. You can use this amount fully as extra discount when you decide to purchase any of the products on offer in the Store side.

What is the "Store"?

The "Store" side of Allyos is a classic online store with low prices where you can spend your collected discount. All amounts spent on fruitless social shopping are collected and credited here. This amount can be spent on all "Store" items, so the low prices can be pushed even lower. Your Indollar converts to discount here ready to spend.

How can i shop in Allyos?

Download the free app and register. Every user gets a profile and 2 in-app wallets. Your main wallet is the Social wallet that holds Indollar. Indollar is basically a voucher, a pre-paid discount that you can use as raffle ticket in the Social side and fully spend as discount in the Store side to purchase items. This wallet can be activated by any of the Top Up packages ranging from $10 to $1000. By tapping the green “+” top up icon, you can top up your wallet via any major credit or debit card, and you are ready for the Social Store. The official Social Shopping  currency is the “Indollar”. 1 Indollar is equal to 1 USD. You can use your Indollar on the social shopping side only. Once you “lose” it, it converts back to USD fully as discount and goes to your Store wallet. Here you can exchange it anytime on regular purchases.

How can i top up my wallet?

You can top-up your balance on the profile page or in the app by tapping the green “+” top up icon using any major credit or debit card.

Can I use the Allyos app without Indollar or without topping-up my wallet?

You can use the app but you cannot shop. The Allyos app is Free, you can download it, take a look around, see all the products, but to get a chance winning or buying any product you must have at least 1Indollar/1USD discount in your wallet.

Is this gambling?

No, not at all! You have no risk, you can’t lose money only gain in the Social Store. Your wallet top up is pre-paid discount that is always spendable in full for purchases in the Store. The “raffle” function, the social shopping is a free extra service that you can try with your pre-paid discount. Your money is always safe in your wallet and ready to spend. You just give it an extra chance to get a lot more value for your money, but never less. For example for $100 you always get $100 discount, but you have the chance to receive $800 value in products.

If I opt in on a deal with more than a dollar, will my chance of winning increase?

Yes. It’s simple math. You decide how much money you would spare on every item. The only rule is the $1/1 hour/1 item. For instance, if there is a smart phone for $800 and you get in with $1, your chances are clear 1:800. But, if you get in with $2 into the same deal, you just doubled your chances to 1:400. If you fancy, turn the „auto-in” on to increase your chances to the desired level while you sleep!

Is there always a winner?

If the price is collected within the timeframe, yes. If the target price is not collected fully in time, that campaign is deemed unsuccessful and all participants get their money back and can use it on any other item, and the system re-starts the campaign automatically while stocks last

If I don’t win, will I get a refund?

You don’t need refund as you can’t lose if you don’t win. This is the beauty of the Social Store. We cannot guarantee that you win, but we can guarantee that you don’t lose. Don’t forget, the Indollar that you can play with in the Social shopping is discount that you can spend in the Store, you just pre-purchased it and give it a try. If you can’t lose, nothing to refund. You just have an extra chance here to get more for your money.

I am under 18. Can I still use the app?

You can use the app as it is free. To top up your wallet you need a bank card and to get your item delivered you must confirm your age. Apple iTunes requires users to be at least 17 years old to download the app, Google requires you to be at least 3 years old.

How can I delete my Allyos account?

If you decide to close your account, we will refund your Indollar balance to your personal bank account. Please note that after closing an account, all your discounts will be forfeited as it is only valid in the Social Store! To request a deletion please write an e-mail to and don’t forget to provide your e-mail address which has been used with Allyos.

How do I redeem my discount?

If you are interested in buying any goods in the Store side, simply tap on the chosen product, set the discount amount you wish to exchange on this item, check your final price and simply follow the steps. At the end, you will get an e-mail notification with all the necessary details including the payment details as well. Once you are done, your item is on the way to you and you receive your tracking info.

Why do I have to keep the PUSH messages ON in this app?

Very important! If you are the lucky one selected for an item, you get a system Push notification and an e-mail about it. You must ACCEPT your prize in the app if you are selected. You can only do this in the app. You have only 24 hours to do so, after that time period the system reselects another participant and you just lost your right to buy/accept your prize, and in this case you cannot be refunded as your added amount is part of the total purchase price, you simply missed your chance. So, don’t miss your chance, always keep Push messages on, we will not spam you or send advertisements, only the important info relevant to your shopping.

Some listings expire in 1 hour, some in 24 hours, some later. Why?

There is a time limit for each listings and it’s based on their price. It is a fundamental part of the Social Store concept in order to be the most equal and balanced. Allyos is not a gambling or betting app, so it involves certain innovative rules and patented restrictions.

Can I suggest an item to win?

Sure. We’d love to hear from you. Find us on social media and suggest anything you would love to get from $1 in or wish to buy for low price in the Marketplace.

Are the items covered by warranty?

Yes, every item is covered by the standard manufacturer/factory warranty.

Who do I file a warranty claim?

If you have a warranty issue, please always file your claim first to us via email to If the item received is defected or you received an unwanted item, we must be notified as soon as possible, so we can take the necessary actions with our product provider partners. If you have a warranty claim, we can provide you with the receipt of the item, which will let you file a claim with the manufacturer. Please note that Allyos is not a classic web shop, it is only a platform to connect product partners to end users. Therefore we are not obliged to provide warranty cover for any goods.

Do I have to pay tax, customs etc., if I win?

Generally you don’t. Shipping is always free, all prices are final total prices. There are no hidden fees or extra costs. We try to make sure we get your item from the same or closest location where you are, so no additional costs can occur; in such case our system will promptly notify you in advance so you can decide. We always recommend checking the local laws in every case as they can differ. If our product partner source is surely out of your continent and custom fee might be added, we will promptly notify you.

Can’t I just buy your goods?

From the Social side no. From the Store side yes, but you must have at least 1 USD discount collected in your Store wallet. Allyos is not a regular web shop, it is based on the huge community in order to work with the highest benefits for you.

How often do you re-list an item?

That depends on the popularity and the stock level of the item. The product provider partner always notifies us about current stock levels, you can check this in the app at the Product Description page.

I can’t log in.

Please send us an email to

I forgot my password.

Open the Allyos App and tap the “Forgot password” next to the padlock icon and enter the email address you used upon registration. We will send you a link to reset it.

I won an item, but I hate the colour / size / etc. Can you send another one which fits my needs?

Unfortunately no. You must pay attention to the item description before you opt in on a deal. We only list items that are available at the manufacturer/partner currently. However. If you have such an issue, please contact our Sales Department, they are very eager to help and professional, sometimes they can make a change or a special deal with the product provider in order to meet your request.

Can I suggest a charity organisation?

Absolutely. We’d love to hear that. You may send your suggestions to or hit us up on social media.

How can i delete my account?

You can delete your account in the app on the bottom of the profile page

If you have unused Indollar balance you will have 2 options for a refund:

1. We can transfer back your Indollar balance in $(USD) to a given bank account on your name. Or,
2. You can transfer your wallet to a friend or relative as a gift.

For both of the above you please contact us at

Can my Allyos account be inherited? / Can I set a beneficiary for my account?

Yes, you can. In such case always contact our support team on

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we do. Shipping is free by default. Allyos is continuously growing, so the app is available to download from the App Store and Play Store in almost 100 countries. If your shipping address is in a soon-to-open country („inactive country”), you’ll be charged for shipping and liable to pay for customs, too. In such case, before dispatching your item, we will notify you about the approximate additional charges.

How long does it take to have my winning delivered? Who does the shipping? Can I track a package?

If you selected your shipping address, our system will notify you about the expected dispatch timeframe. Depending on the item and producer location or the warehouse, shipping can take from 5 to 30 days. Our current shipping partners will handle the items. You will be notified when the item is shipped and will be provided with a tracking number so you can follow it up.

If I change my mind, can I return my winning? Will you buy it back from me?

No. Once you are randomly selected for winning an item, you’ll be asked to confirm your winning. You are offered the right to either ACCEPT the prize for the amount you added to it, or you DECLINE your option to buy the item. Once you tap on the Decline button your right is withdrawn and your added amount is non refundable. If you Accept your prize, it’s all yours.

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