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Allyos – Social Store was created out of frustration. Frustration of the widening wealth gap, and frustration of the obsolete online stores.

Loving the global startup culture of our times, always creative, motivated to something new, ambitious professionals and successful entrepreneurs came together and created a disruptive shopping solution from scratch and from a new perspective. Always open to new ideas, seeking for user feedbacks, the objective is to build something that people can enjoy for good, lasts for long, brings excitement and fun to your life, and creates a new industry standard for the greater common good. This is what we are strived for and what describes our cultural and worldly standards. We always hope you enjoy what we offer and our dedicated work brings value to your life. If you have any suggestions anytime what so ever you bring it to our attention, so we can team up and try to solve it with the ideal solution. At least we will try for sure.

Our team

Joe Bitter

CEO, Co-founder

Successful Serial Entrepreneur, E-commerce professional, Angel Investor and Portfolio Manager, Innovator, Business Visionary, Bitcoin Investor and Crypto Expert since 2011. Joe is a challenge loving driving force, the open but perseverant big thinker who lives by the saying of “If there is a will, there is a way.”

Chris Herczeg

QA, Co-founder

Energetic, young creative professional who was the most frustrated by the market gap of crowd funding of products. Chris and Joe agreed to come up with a solution no matter what to the opportunity to buy premium items from as low as $1, so luxury would become achievable and fun to anyone. Thus, Allyos (All Yours) was born on the 22nd of February 2016.

Peter Sarlos

CTO, Co-founder

Pete is the core “realistic” and down to Earth member of the team. IT professional and successful project manager worked for several Forbes 100 global companies. Absolutely fell in love to the project when Joe and Chris presented him the idea and assigned to guarantee its success. As a result after the long testing phase, the first Social Store, Allyos was published on 22.11.2018, establishing the “Social Store Day” by this for the future.

Zoltan Zsigray

R&D, Head of Operations

The problem solver and researcher at heart. With several years of experience in data base management, research, system development and improvement, Zol took the opportunity to create the most flawless and reliable system behind the Social Store daily challenges.

Carl Solymar Ph.D.

Legal Counsel

Co-founder of Berenyi & Partners Legal Advisors, Founding Partner of Absolut Reorg M&A. Business and strategic legal advisor, board member. Dr. Carl assures the “1” is always one and double checks every disruptive idea of the team. He helps maintaining the win-win-win cultural requirement.

Advisors and Partners

Together we are richer.

Social Store makes you a PRO shopper.

A Different Store.

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