J.Press gives $3 to your Xbox.

May 19, 2021

Did you know?

You don’t have to top up your Social Balance in order to participate in the social auctions. Brands offer you multi-discount to get in, if you purchase their discounted items in the Store side.

How come? Simple. Here is an example and this week promo in one:

  • Switch to the Store side.
  • Look for the J.Press Gift Card item.

How will J.Press give you 3 Indollars?

  • Buy the J.Press Gift Card with $17 spending value in it for $16.
  • It offers $3 Multi-Discount.
  • Don’t use any of your collected discount to lower the purchase amount to $13!
  • Change the multi-discount to Indollar credit before the purchase, so you actually get the $3 to your Social Balance.

That’s it! You just let J.Press top up your Social Balance by $3, while you purchased $17 for $16. Thus also saved $1 as gift 😊

Magic!? Oh no. It is just one of the benefits you get by using the SocialStore.

What to do next? Well, use that free 3 Indollar credit in the Social side and join the social auction of an Xbox, E-bike or that mighty Tesla. Hell you can use all for the Mustang GT. No luck at the end? So what!? It was a free chance. In fact, it was so free that you can use it for lowering the J.Press $17 value Gift Card with it now to $13.

What you say about a deal of $17 for $13? We say all day long! Welcome to the SocialStore.

Together, anything for a dollar.

Allyos – SocialStore