How to use multi-discount?

May 19, 2022

One of the biggest inventions of Allyos is the multi-discount. That’s what guarantees that no one can lose their money while using the SocialStore app. As you might know, there can only be one winner of each social purchase, who’s gonna be selected by the system randomly.

Except for this lucky person, everybody else gets their bids back in the form of multi-discount, which they can use on the Store side. Also, if they buy anything there, they’ll get more multi-discounts, that can be spent as bids for social items.

Not sure, how much returned bids you have? Go check your Wallet in the app. Here you can see both your top-up balance and the collected discounts as well.

If you’d like to spend this money in the Store, tap on any item you are interested in. Then you can see how much discount is allowed for that specific product. There are some items, that can be covered completely with returned bids. However, in most cases there is a limitation. Below that line, you can decide what percentage of the price you want to pay this way.

This is all very easily manageable in the app. With every product, you have the option to set the Discount/Credit balance up to the maximum limit before tapping the Proceed to checkout button. Here you also see how many discounts you have at the moment.

If you currently ran out of it, you have to pay the full price. But instead of that, you might consider trying your luck on the Social side and collect some discounts. In either case, you can’t lose anything.

Are you in?

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