Get your dream vacation!

May 11, 2022

Summer is coming fast, it is time to start planning your vacation! Whether you prefer laying on the beach, drinking cocktails, enjoying the luxury of a five star hotel or visiting some historic monuments, we have some advices for you. And the best part is that you can get any of these for $1 thanks to Social Store.

Spending a week in the beautiful Hollywood Mirage aparthotel in Arona, Spain, visiting Seychelle Baie Resort with the whole family, or having a quiet weekend in a Zala Springs penthouse… These are some very different vacation goals. And some might say that even though there are huge gaps between the prices, the cheapest solution is still too expensive. Well, not in the Social Store. Because as you know, you’re the one who can decide on the price here. The only thing that matters is are there any people who are willing to spend $1 on their dream vacation. Check out these items right now:

2 Nights @ Zala Springs

  • stay ( 2 nights)
  • buffet breakfast and halfboard diner
  • Special Boutique Spa wellness experience

Hollywood Mirage Tenerife

  • stay (7 nights)
  • flight from Budapest (4 roundtrip tickets)
  • taxes & fees
  • 4 Siam Park 1 day tickets

Seychelle Baie Lazare

  • stay (7 nights) with the given catering
  • flight from Budapest (2 roundtrip tickets)
  • taxes & fees
  • roundtrip transfer from and to the airport

There are some differences however. More expensive the trip is, more people needed to fund it. So if you want to make sure that the social purchase is successful, you should invite as many friends and others as you can to join. At the end of the day, none of you will lose anything. If you are not the lucky one selected to take the item home, you will get your bid back. And of course, you can try again as many time as you want.

Don’t let your $1 dream vacation slip through your fingers! Start bidding now, and invite as many friends as you can.

Are you in?

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