Deal of the Week: Apple AirPods

Oct 10, 2022

If you are one of those people who love listening to music while jogging, working out, cooking, traveling or during any other activity, you must have a set of Apple AirPods. This is a very hot item among social shoppers, that you can purchase on both the Social and the Store side.

On the Social side, you can get the AirPods for the price you prefer. The minimum bid is $1. You can add the same amount of money in every hour to boost your chances to win the lot. If you want to maximize your chances, turn on the Auto-in function, therefore the system will automatically add another dollar to your purchase in every hour. Even then, you will only have to pay a small fragment of the real price. And if you don’t get the item, you won’t lose anything, because you get all your money back as discount, that can be used on the Store side. So what are you waiting for? Start bidding now!

AirPods is also available in the Store for $199. However, if you have collected discounts from the Social side, you can use them up to $8 to get it cheaper. That means you can take it home for $191 with no extra shipping cost. If you don’t have any collected discounts or you don’t want to give them away, you will earn $8 extra discounts, that can be used as bid on the Social side. Here you can buy not just the AirPods but the brand new Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max as well. It’s all on Apple.

Now a few words about the AirPods. Spatial sound and dynamic head tracking transform music, TV shows, movies and other content into a three-dimensional sound experience. You’re surrounded by sound from every direction, as if you were in your own concert hall or cinema.

Just put your AirPods near your iPhone or iPad and tap Connect. This pairs your earbuds with all the devices signed into your iCloud account. So you can take calls on your iPhone while listening to music on your Mac – without having to switch from one device to another.

Start bidding now! Or purchase the item on a Store side and use the given discounts to get a brand new iPhone or anything else on the Social side.

Are you in?

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