Celebrate the 1th of May as you want. Here are some tips for you.

Apr 28, 2022

May 1th is the national day of work in many countries. It is time to celebrate all the success you’ve achieved in your job and finally have some rest. What do you plan to do on this day? You prefer staying home, doing some tinkering around the house? You want to go out instead, doing some sport or maybe hiking? In either case, you can find excellent items in the Social Store that will make your day even better.

Are you the handyman type?

Makita 221 Piece Set is a great option for you. This extremely comprehensive tool set includes 221 different pieces to be used as hand tools, attachments and accessories. If you have to assemble anything around the house, this package will provide you all the necessary gadgets. Most of the accessories are manufactured from high quality chrome vanadium steel, a hardwearing material that can put up with plenty of workshop abuse. You can get this item for any price you want.

You prefer outside activities instead?

With InterSport GiftCard, you can choose any clothing item or gadget available in InterSport stores up to $160. If you are planning to go for some jogging in the park, playing football with your friends or doing some more extreme sports like hill-climbing, you can definitely use this card to get good-quality gear and equipment. Decide on how much you want to pay for it, and try your luck on the Social side. You cannot lose anything.

Are you in?

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