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We are glad to announce Allyos Social Store is available in the European Union including UK of course.

We break our international silence now after a very successful closed and focused 1 country (Hungary) public market launch.

We will tell you a lot more about all the important steps, successes and improvements from the last 7 months
such as

  • the over 3000 current users,
  • the more than 230 successfully sold items for a few bucks on the social shopping side,
  • the awesome -60% Off on several items on the Marketplace side and so on.

Now go ahead and download the Free app from Google and Apple, check out the discounted products in the Marketplace and let’s pitch in for your loved items in the social shopping side, entry is always $1.

Don’t forget! You cannot lose in Allyos Social Store as top up amount is always 100% spendable discount on the Marketplace if you didn’t win on the auctions.

Good luck, enjoy the first Social Store and if you have any question always feel free to ask us on any media. Thank you!