Best Children’s Day gift idea from SocialStore

May 29, 2022

Do you have little kids? On Children’s Day, we would like to recommend a great gift idea they will definitely love. It is the DUPLO® Modular Playhouse!

Why? Because kids love to play house! And, with the easy-to build, open and accessible dollhouse, you can join in the fun too! This colourful, contemporary dollhouse for toddlers provides many opportunities to play and learn. Teach toddlers about everyday life, such as cooking, mealtime and bedtime routines as you both share imaginative role-play fun.

There are adult male, adult female and child figures. Plus a pet dog and a teddy bear – all designed to inspire a comforting emotional attachment in toddlers. Filled with familiar details and infinite fun, you’ll share endless precious developmental moments as you explore play possibilities together. For even more fun, you can rebuild the same pieces as a tower house, and then again as a residential house! Great educational toy for toddlers with recognizable characters and familiar scenes, LEGO® DUPLO® learning toys give kids hands-on open-ended, role-play fun with endless developmental benefits.

If you are interested in this item on Children’s Day, hurry up, because the time for bidding is almost over! Don’t miss the chance to purchase it for any price you prefer! And remember, you cannot lose anything!

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