A brand new chat will be added soon

Jul 13, 2022

Allyos – SocialStore is on a big renewal right now. The details will be revealed very soon, but until that we would like to pour some information about what new stuff is going to be available. One of these is a built in chat function, which will basically allow you to share your ideas, purchases, wishes and to recruit other members for social shopping.

As you might know, some time ago, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram decided to hold back our reach on these sites because they identifies Allyos as competition. Before that we had a very active group here, but sadly, it cannot reach its full potential now. This is why we decided to create our own social media platform, where you can hold conversations freely.

The newly introduced chat is very important for multiple reasons. First, it will be the primary platform where users can boost any running social purchase. As we said before, the price doesn’t matter here, only the size of the crowd. If you want to make sure that the social purchase is successful, make the crowd bigger by yourself. Invite friend and others, and attract attention to an item you are interested in within the group.

It is also important because if you are not sure what item you should put your money in, you can see what is trending in the chat. The items and topics, most users are interested in at the moment, will probably be collected faster. And if you just want to have a good conversation with other social shoppers or you would like to show them how happy you are with your purchase, it is also the platform for that.

Check the app News menu for further details about the new chat and the other innovations coming very soon.

Are you in?

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