88% would recommend SocialStore

Jun 9, 2022

Our latest survey shows that Allyos users are very satisfied with the application. And they would mostly recommend it to others. Overall, 88% of those who filled out the form said “Yes” to the question “Would you recommend Allyos to your friends?” Within long-time users, this number was 87%. Meanwhile new users, who did not top-up or buy anything just yet on the app were 100% satisfied.

Most users said that the unique chance to buy something expensive for relatively low price is what they like the most. Some also noted that the excitement factor of the concept is the main reason why they use the app continuously. Others praised the purchasing experience as a whole. Few users said that they were quite sceptical at the beginning. But when they and their friends got selected multiple times to buy the product they were interested in, they became a hundred percent dedicated.

Recommendation is not only important to us, but for our users as well. Because here, the size of the community is what drives the whole process. More people come together, more items get sold for less price. This is why you should always ask more and more friends and relatives to join in. If you want to do so, go to the My Profile section and push the Invitation button.

Remember, if the community is big enough, nothing can be too expensive. Only one thing matters: are there enough users here who are willing to spend $1 on their favourite clothing brand, dream car or luxury holiday?

Are you in?

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