$6 Gift from Sony to WIN!

Oct 15, 2021

The newest Multi-Discount offer from Sony in the SocialStore.

Fancy to get IN and become the lucky one to get any of the luxurious items in the Social side for FREE?

Of course you do! Who does not want a luxurious brand new sport car for example as a gift from one of your favourite top premium brands?

See. Now you just figured out what the Multi-Discount does for you. Sony this time became the next brand offering you this option exclusively in the SocialStore.

Here is the deal. Buy the Sony Playstation 1 Year Plus Subscription here for the following special price with Multi-Discount:

Special Buy Now Price: $50

Multi-Discount: $6

In this deal Sony gives you great price and also Multi-Discount to use it in the Social side. You can use this credit to get in to fund with the crowd the new PS5 or the BMW M850i Coupe luxury sport grand turismo. In fact, you can use this Multi-Discount offered by Sony to get in any of the premium brands. Listen to your heart, get in what you wish to have! Time is ticking, and you can use only $1 per hour in every item to fund in the Social side. The good news is that now it comes from Sony.

Hurry up, this offer is limited until stock lasts!

If you need more info visit the Help Center in the app Menu or drop us a line in the 0-24 Live Chat.

Now it is your time, bring your best friends, together we can fund anything for a dollar and the premium brands are here to help!

Happy Social Shopping!

Allyos Team

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