3 things you may not know about Allyos

Jun 30, 2022

This is not a webshop.

Allyos – SocialStore does not store or sell any item directly. You cannot buy anything from us. What you can get is the right to purchase an item from one of our partner companies. Allyos has more than 200 partners including the largest brands and shops around the world like Apple, Sony, BMW, Nike, Breitling and many more. These companies offer their top products for social purchasing, so that our users can buy it together. When the price is full, one lucky person gets the item, meanwhile everyone else gets their bids back. Then they can use it on the Store side where the same companies make other products available with extra discounts.

Indollar and multi-dosciunt are both original innovations of Allyos.

The words indollar and multi-discount did not exist before Allyos. The concept of these allows users to never lose their money in the process, except when they are chosen to purchase the item they want. If you use SocialStore frequently, you know that if you would like to be part of a social purchase you only have to push the In button. And if you want to buy something on the Store side, you can decide how much of your collected discounts you want to spend on it. By the double setup of Social and Store, money never disappears on this app. Instead, it transforms itself constantly.

Users can directly influence the product mix.

Allyos users have the chance to tell us which items are missing on the Social and the Store side. They can do that in the app, via e-mail or on our Help Center. It is a very important feedback to us and to our partner companies as well, because they decide what products they will offer for the SocialStore based on these information.

Are you in?

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