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Black Friday cannot be traditional and so black and white in the Social Store, right?

We agree. We are all socially aware here, so we brought some color. GREEN. Meaning some free money for all of you.

TOP UP PROMO starts now.

Top Up your personal Social wallet using any of the packages and you automatically get 10% extra. For example if you top up by $50 you will get $55 to use in the Social side for community shopping. Of course, you can use this same amount as discount to shop if you were not the lucky one selected in the crowd funding. You will always find this amount in your Store balance, ready to be spent.

Is that all? Not really. During this special Top Up promo for the Black Friday craze our current $100 package that comes with extra $10 now comes with $20. You buy $120 for $100. Isn’t that awesome? And that is the worst case, because the Social Store is the only place where your $120 can bring you a new iPhone, Playstation 5 or a KIA Picanto. Talking about Black Friday cheap prices.

Green is the new BLACK. Take some free money for yourself, Christmas is coming.

This special 10% extra offer Starts Now!

Promo ends: 28.11.2020. 23:59 (UTC+1) Saturday.

NOTE: Please allow at least 1-3 hours for the extra free credit to be applied in your Social wallet balance. 

Happy social shopping!

Together we are richer. 

Allyos – Social Store