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You are a Social Shopper, by now you can feel the benefits of shopping together:

  • Chance to buy your dream items from your favourite brands for even $1
  • Bring out the maximum value of your money
  • Trying your luck and never lose a penny by doing so
  • Build your own shopping group with friends thus one of you get the item
  • Collect the used coupons as discount and shop for reasonable prices
  • Exchange the discounts 100% and use it on a brand new BMW M850i Coupe with no extra cost

Yes, you got all the above benefits. But you are a hardcore Social Shopper and all of this is not enough, right? Great!

Here is your chance to show this and WIN superb items by only VOTING for Allyos – Social Store!

The Social Store has been nominated as the most innovative online store of the year in Hungary, so we need your VOTE to WIN this contest. By voting you can also WIN.

Go to this website Now by clicking on this link and type in and your e-mail address until 27 September 2020:


Want to be more hardcore socially? Tell your friends to Vote, so we have bigger chance to Win this contest, it would make the whole Social Shopper pioneer community extremely proud!

Thank you for the support, do your vote now and good luck for winning the extra prizes!


Together, anything for a dollar.

Allyos – Social Store Team