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Every week our relentless product partner team is dealing with the current premium brand partners to bring you both reasonable prices with high discount amount in the Store side and the top of the line dream items in the Social side where, if you are the lucky one selected you get your dream items for shockingly low prices like as low as $1. This is the power of crowd funding.

We try to offer items with 100% discount, meaning you can fully purchase it with your discount balance collected to the Store side. No extra payment is necessary on these items.

There is one catch though. The stock availability is limited and fairly low. Once they are out they are gone quickly thanks to the fastest and most dedicated social shoppers.

So, once you get the Push notification and have enough collected discount you gotta be fast to act!


Special 100% discount item this week: Dove cream bar


Availability: 30


Check the Store side for this item, if you can’t see that means you are already late and the full stock is gone. Don’t worry, our team is pushing the brand partners for more and more items every week, so stay tuned and invite your best friends to build your own shopping circle for the better results.

Thank you Social Shoppers and have a beautiful week!

Together we are richer. Social Store makes you a PRO shopper.

Allyos – Social Store