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Want the Tesla but the higher ticket items won’t collect in time? The solution is in your hands!

INVITE 3 of your friends at least from the app and WIN one of the wallet top up. Bigger Social Store community means higher price items. Someone will take it anyway. Why not You or any of your friends?

How to Invite and participate in this competition?

Send out the 3 available Invitation in your Profile.

Among these users we raffle 5x$10 wallet top up

  • 1 of your Invitees top up with at least $10. We raffle 3x$20 top up among these users
  • 2 of your Invitees top up with at least $10. Way to go, we raffle 2x$30 top up among these users
  • All of your Invitees top up their balance with at least $10. If you have completed this, you are in the raffle to win 1x$100 wallet top up

Where can you find the Invitations?

In the Allyos app click on the Menu on the top right corner, click on your Profile, click on the Invitation. You will see the remaining invitations and its status when it turns to active, so your friend has accepted it and joined the Social Store.

You sent out all your Invitations from your profile earlier?

Nothing to worry, you are also participating in this raffle event.

Go on Social Store users!

This referral promotion ends on 13:00 (GMT+2) 4th October 2019.