+20% Free Top Up Bonus!

Sep 23, 2021

You asked for it, here it is! $200 GIFT for you! Don’t miss out.

Enjoy the very special +20% Free money on every Top Up package only today! Let’s fund together any of your loved premium items. It can be FREE now! With this promotion the brand new KIA Picanto might not cost you even the minimum of $1.

Not satisfied? The bonus money turns to spendable discount in the Store side if you had no luck. Check out the awesome deals and the new 100% Discount Allyos Signature Line items too with Elon Musk signature. More to come.

20% extra top up promo starts now and valid on all packages!

Promotion starts: 23.09.2021. 00:01 (CET)

Promotion ends: 23.09.2021. 23:59 (CET)

You get:

For $10 get $12

For $20 get $24

For $50 get $60

For $100 get $120 (not bad)

For $200 get $240 (HOT!)

For $500 get $600 (OMG)

For $1000 get $1200! (…Insane, free $200!)

Well, happy social shopping.

NOTE: please allow at least 1-8 hours for the free extra amount to arrive to your Social balance. If it won’t show up please contact us.

Together, anything for a dollar.

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