Anything for a dollar

Allyos is just what it says. “Anything for a dollar”

Allyos is finally the company who gives you the world’s first Crowd Shopping Media with Charity. Anytime, anywhere in the comfort of your hands, 24/7 on Android and iOS.

“Addicted… in a good manner of course. I mean, why would anyone use any other ways, or the old shopping methods?” Phil, "Alpha" tester team

So, how about getting this BMW 428i Gran Coupe M Pack for $1?

Engine & Power 1997 ccm, 180 kW (245PS)
Transmission Steptronic M
Extras M Packet, Head Up Display, Pro Navi, etc.

Market Price: $52,990.00

First Crowd shopping with charity

How about if we tell you that everything you have been dreaming about from now on can be yours for $1?

Yep, think about it. Imagine that red Ferrari, the Jet Black iPhone 7, the new 4K LG Smart TV, that lovely Channel handbag, the gorgeus gold Rolex, a world trip vacation, the latest game console, your favorite concert ticket, a fuel or grocery gift card, a bigger luxurious family house...Anything! For a Dollar. This is the power and innovation of the crowd shopping.

"Allyos is awesome. And finally something takes me away from Facebook. LOL. Can you imagine the feeling and craze of a person who gets his first Tesla S for $1?” Selena – UK, insider

And how about getting this Apple iPhone 7 Plus for $1?

Display 5.5-inch Retina HD
Capacity 256GB
Camera 12 MP Wide-Angle and telephoto cameras

Market Price: $969.00

You are the limit

Only you place the limit to the possibilities.

Finally, first time in history, Allyos has created the perfect platform, the most user friendly and easy way to access the power of Crowd Shopping, the possibility for you to get anything for a dollar. The bigger the crowd is, the better the shopping is. And actually it is a lot more….

"You cannot describe how it feels giving out and handling these huge amounts to finally people and organizations who really needs them, and can help and improve the most on our world." Joe Panamera, CEO and Co-founder

And how would you like donating $27.540 to WWF with only $1 of your kind shopping?

Market Price: Priceless

Shopping for a good cause

And what say you, if we tell that every time you crowd shop on Allyos 1% of that sale goes to your chosen charity?

Imagine this. You spend or we should say you crowd shop $1 on an iPhone 7, you get your brand new shiny iPhone 7 for $1, and you just helped the crowd giving out to "XYZ" Foundation $156.000. Unbelievable? Not anymore! Welcome to Allyos.

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